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We revamped the Settings page and added a few new features to help your teams and organization members work faster and more efficiently.


- Overview page

The new Overview page provides you with quick access to actions relating to managing your organization, teams, and campaign helpers.



- Organization settings

Admins can now add an organization logo as well as update the organization name. We also added a delete organization button, we know you would have to use this 🙃.

General Page (1)


- Profile settings

We've given our profile page a makeover to make it more intuitive and streamlined, so you can quickly update your profile information and get the information you need.



- Company profile

Unlock the potential of your email campaigns and make them uniquely yours with our tailored company profile feature. Showcase your business in a new way and watch as relationships with customers deepen. The data setup in your company profile will appear at the footer of your emails, making them look more professional and credible. This is a great way to build trust with your subscribers and stand out from the competition.

Company Profile


- Sender profiles

Sick of spending precious time entering your personal information when you send emails? Well, we've got some good news! Eliminate the tediousness and try out an easier way to reach out today. With sender profiles, you can store your email information once and use it multiple times with just the click of a button. No more tedious typing - sending emails is now hassle-free!

Add Sender Profile
Add Sender Profile 2



We just made awesome new improvements to the create SMS and email campaign flows, so you can save time creating campaigns plus get finer-grained filtering for your perfect setup.


- Simplified SMS and Email Campaigns

We've given a major upgrade to our campaign creation process: it's now faster, simpler, and more efficient! So get ready for some serious SMS & Email delivery action.

SMS Campaign
Email from scratch


- Start from scratch

Unleash your creative side with our new "start from scratch" feature! You can now design email campaigns that reflect all of the unique ideas and content you've been dreaming up.



- Smart SMS Templates

Get your campaign game on point with our smart SMS templates! Let us power up your messaging and help you create campaigns that stand out.



- Improved Campaign filters

We've levelled up the campaigns dashboard! Now you can filter with ease, tracking and staying on top of your game in no time. That's how to stay ahead - simple yet powerful.

SMS Filter



Reports give you an effortless solution to measure and monitor your marketing strategies - giving you a complete overview of how well they're working! Keep tabs on the progress of all your campaigns in one simple place.



With our powerful reporting tool, you can easily generate a CSV report for your campaigns over any period of time. This valuable data will help you optimize your marketing efforts and get the most out of your budget. With Reports, you'll always know exactly how your campaigns are performing and where you need to improve.

Generate reports


So why wait? Sign in today and experience these new features and updates for yourself!