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New Feature

Bulk actions

This innovative feature enables you to swiftly choose multiple messages through checkboxes. Seamlessly delegate tasks to support agents or resolve multiple queries simultaneously with just a click! Experience enhanced productivity and streamlined communication like never before.



Reopen Conversations

To allow support agents refer back to closed conversation we added the reopen conversations feature which allows closed conversations to be reopened but will remove all assignees on the conversation and move the closed conversation to the unassigned tab.




Undo Resolve

This feature will set the state of the conversation back to assigned and move the conversation to the assigned tab. These features are designed to improve our customers' experience. We believe that our customers will find them highly beneficial and help them get more out of our product.




Improvements and Fixes

- Improved onboarding for new customers

- Slight speed improvements on the inbox dashboard page.

- Bug fix with time calculation on analytics

- "Internal server error" notifications while responding to a message bug has been fixed

- WhatsApp message not delivering after first send has been fixed.