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Introducing Enhanced Rules Engine for Workflow Automation


We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to Simpu's rules engine, designed to empower you to automate and optimize your workflows more effectively than ever before. With Simpu's rule functionality, you can streamline your processes, eliminate repetitive tasks, and enhance your team's efficiency. Whether it's allocating incoming messages, applying tags, or responding with predefined templates, Simpu's rules has got you covered.


Shared Rules for Consistency and Efficiency

In Simpu, shared rules are powerful tools that can be applied to all inboxes, ensuring consistent automation and efficient management. Workspace Admins can now establish uniform automation across inboxes, promoting efficiency and ensuring streamlined workflows within the organization.


How to Use Shared Rules:


Step 1: To access shared rules, simply navigate to the settings tab in Simpu, and click on "Rules."


Step 2: Click on "New Rule" for the specific workspace you want to configure rules for your team.



Step 3: Toggle on the button to make the rule active and input the details.




Rules in Simpu consist of three distinct components: triggers, conditions, and actions.

Triggers (WHEN) determine specific events that prompt Simpu to evaluate rule conditions, which, when satisfied, trigger actions. These actions can range from assigning tasks to teammates to applying tags or responding with message templates.




Conditions (IF)

Conditions refer to the criteria that dictate whether a rule will be executed. To learn more about utilizing "and/or" statements in your condition, please refer to this informative article.




Actions (THEN)

Actions define the specific outcomes or operations executed when a rule is successfully processed, meaning when all the conditions are met. These actions can encompass various functionalities, such as assigning tasks to teammates, adding tags to conversations, Reply with a message template.




Rule Templates for Consistent Responses

In Simpu, rules offer the functionality to respond quickly and consistently using message templates. Create predefined message templates to respond to common inquiries, greetings, FAQs, or any other information you frequently communicate to customers or clients.


Load Balancing Assignment

Load-balancing assignments in Simpu allow you to set assignment limits for teammates in a balanced manner. By automating conversation assignments, you can maintain workload balance, ensure an exceptional customer experience, and keep your team's workload evenly distributed.


Round Robin Assignment for Fairness

Simpu's round-robin assignment feature distributes tasks or conversations evenly among team members, preventing overload and promoting fairness in workload allocation. No team member will be burdened with an excessive workload.


Load Balancing Rules


Load balancing rules in Simpu enable you to set specific assignment limits for each teammate, ensuring a balanced distribution of tasks. This approach maximizes productivity, prevents overload, and fosters a positive work environment for your team.


To get started with these new features, simply log in to your Simpu account and follow the steps outlined above. We believe these enhancements will revolutionize the way you manage your workflows and improve efficiency across your organization.


If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.


Thank you for choosing Simpu to streamline your workflow automation.