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Enhanced Campaign Engagement Analytics

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Campaign Engagement UI (1)

We're thrilled to roll out some fantastic enhancements to our marketing platform, all thanks to the invaluable feedback from our awesome users! Now, you'll have more detailed insights at your fingertips, helping you nail every email or SMS campaign.


Pinpoint Engaged Users

With this update, you can now easily pinpoint who clicked on your campaign links. This granular data helps you understand your audience better and tailor your future campaigns to their interests.


Geographic Engagement Insights

Not only can you see who engaged with your campaign, but you'll also know where they're located. This geographic data is a game-changer for fine-tuning your targeting strategies.


New Email Footer

We've added a new email footer content block to make your emails even more effective. Now, you can guide your customers back to your website with essential information placed right at the bottom of your emails. Plus, it's easier for readers to unsubscribe, helping you build an active mailing list.

New Email Footer


Tagging for Inbox Organization

We know how crucial organization is for managing your inbox. With our latest update, you can tag multiple conversations at once, even before closing them. This feature helps you keep track of important topics and maintain a tidy inbox.

Inbox Muultiple Tags


Team Sync for Seamless Collaboration

We believe in the power of teamwork, especially in customer service. That's why we've introduced a team sync feature. Now, your customer service reps can see when their teammates are viewing the same conversation or chat in real time, fostering better coordination and prompt responses.


Customizable Inbox Display

We understand that everyone has their own unique way of working. So, we've made the inbox display customizable. Adjust the layout to suit your preferences and create a workflow that's just right for you.

Inbox Layout View


Smarter Canned Responses

Time is precious, and our upgraded canned responses feature helps you save it. Our smart system suggests the best responses based on your customer's messages, making communication efficient and effective.

Smart Canned Response -


Enhanced Text Editor

Clear communication is vital, and our upgraded text editor is here to help. With a wider variety of editing options, you can easily format your responses, emphasize key details, and create visually appealing messages.

Text Editor


We're super excited about these updates and we hope you are too! They're designed to make managing your emails easier, boost team collaboration, and take your marketing & customer to new heights. Enjoy these new features and connect with your customers in a smoother, more effective way!