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Call Summary

New Feature
Call Summary

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our first-ever Call feature - "Call Summary". This allows you to manually record and save call summaries with your customers. With just a click of the compose button, you can easily log call summaries directly in your inbox. To set up this feature on your preferred inbox, simply visit the channels section under your inbox settings.


Bulk Contact Deletion

Contact Bulk Delete

Effortlessly delete multiple saved contacts at once with our new bulk deletion feature. Instead of deleting contacts individually, just click the "name" checkbox to delete all contacts on the current page.


Enhanced Contact Filters

Easily filter your contacts based on specific criteria, such as custom fields or date ranges. This allows you to quickly access the information you need at any given moment.


Admin Home

Our new Admin Home provides a complete overview of your organization's account activity on Simpu, ensuring you stay up to date with everything happening within your team. Additionally, admins can set quick preferences right from the home page, making it even more convenient to manage your organization's settings.


Admin Home Changelog


Unsubscribe Button

To respect your customers' preferences, we have added an unsubscribe button to your email campaigns. This allows customers to easily opt-out of your mailing list if they choose to do so.


Improvements and Fixes

  • We've enhanced the contacts view page for better usability.
  • To help differentiate between chats, we've added name tags to conversations in the inbox.
  • Our workflow automation has been improved with the introduction of the Rules feature.