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  1. Introducing Enhanced Rules Engine for Workflow Automation


    We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to Simpu's rules engine, designed to empower you to automate and optimize your workflows more effectively than ever before. With Simpu's rule functionality, you can streamline your processes, eliminate repetitive tasks, and enhance your team's efficiency. Whether it's allocating incoming messages, applying tags, or responding with predefined templates, Simpu's rules has got you covered.


    Shared Rules for Consistency and Efficiency

    In Simpu, shared rules are powerful tools that can be applied to all inboxes, ensuring consistent automation and efficient management. Workspace Admins can now establish uniform automation across inboxes, promoting efficiency and ensuring streamlined workflows within the organization.


    How to Use Shared Rules:


    Step 1: To access shared rules, simply navigate to the settings tab in Simpu, and click on "Rules."


    Step 2: Click on "New Rule" for the specific workspace you want to configure rules for your team.



    Step 3: Toggle on the button to make the rule active and input the details.




    Rules in Simpu consist of three distinct components: triggers, conditions, and actions.

    Triggers (WHEN) determine specific events that prompt Simpu to evaluate rule conditions, which, when satisfied, trigger actions. These actions can range from assigning tasks to teammates to applying tags or responding with message templates.




    Conditions (IF)

    Conditions refer to the criteria that dictate whether a rule will be executed. To learn more about utilizing "and/or" statements in your condition, please refer to this informative article.




    Actions (THEN)

    Actions define the specific outcomes or operations executed when a rule is successfully processed, meaning when all the conditions are met. These actions can encompass various functionalities, such as assigning tasks to teammates, adding tags to conversations, Reply with a message template.




    Rule Templates for Consistent Responses

    In Simpu, rules offer the functionality to respond quickly and consistently using message templates. Create predefined message templates to respond to common inquiries, greetings, FAQs, or any other information you frequently communicate to customers or clients.


    Load Balancing Assignment

    Load-balancing assignments in Simpu allow you to set assignment limits for teammates in a balanced manner. By automating conversation assignments, you can maintain workload balance, ensure an exceptional customer experience, and keep your team's workload evenly distributed.


    Round Robin Assignment for Fairness

    Simpu's round-robin assignment feature distributes tasks or conversations evenly among team members, preventing overload and promoting fairness in workload allocation. No team member will be burdened with an excessive workload.


    Load Balancing Rules


    Load balancing rules in Simpu enable you to set specific assignment limits for each teammate, ensuring a balanced distribution of tasks. This approach maximizes productivity, prevents overload, and fosters a positive work environment for your team.


    To get started with these new features, simply log in to your Simpu account and follow the steps outlined above. We believe these enhancements will revolutionize the way you manage your workflows and improve efficiency across your organization.


    If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.


    Thank you for choosing Simpu to streamline your workflow automation.


  2. Enhanced Campaign Engagement Analytics

    New Feature
    Campaign Engagement UI (1)

    We're thrilled to roll out some fantastic enhancements to our marketing platform, all thanks to the invaluable feedback from our awesome users! Now, you'll have more detailed insights at your fingertips, helping you nail every email or SMS campaign.


    Pinpoint Engaged Users

    With this update, you can now easily pinpoint who clicked on your campaign links. This granular data helps you understand your audience better and tailor your future campaigns to their interests.


    Geographic Engagement Insights

    Not only can you see who engaged with your campaign, but you'll also know where they're located. This geographic data is a game-changer for fine-tuning your targeting strategies.


    New Email Footer

    We've added a new email footer content block to make your emails even more effective. Now, you can guide your customers back to your website with essential information placed right at the bottom of your emails. Plus, it's easier for readers to unsubscribe, helping you build an active mailing list.

    New Email Footer


    Tagging for Inbox Organization

    We know how crucial organization is for managing your inbox. With our latest update, you can tag multiple conversations at once, even before closing them. This feature helps you keep track of important topics and maintain a tidy inbox.

    Inbox Muultiple Tags


    Team Sync for Seamless Collaboration

    We believe in the power of teamwork, especially in customer service. That's why we've introduced a team sync feature. Now, your customer service reps can see when their teammates are viewing the same conversation or chat in real time, fostering better coordination and prompt responses.


    Customizable Inbox Display

    We understand that everyone has their own unique way of working. So, we've made the inbox display customizable. Adjust the layout to suit your preferences and create a workflow that's just right for you.

    Inbox Layout View


    Smarter Canned Responses

    Time is precious, and our upgraded canned responses feature helps you save it. Our smart system suggests the best responses based on your customer's messages, making communication efficient and effective.

    Smart Canned Response -


    Enhanced Text Editor

    Clear communication is vital, and our upgraded text editor is here to help. With a wider variety of editing options, you can easily format your responses, emphasize key details, and create visually appealing messages.

    Text Editor


    We're super excited about these updates and we hope you are too! They're designed to make managing your emails easier, boost team collaboration, and take your marketing & customer to new heights. Enjoy these new features and connect with your customers in a smoother, more effective way!


  3. Call Summary

    New Feature
    Call Summary

    Today, we are thrilled to introduce our first-ever Call feature - "Call Summary". This allows you to manually record and save call summaries with your customers. With just a click of the compose button, you can easily log call summaries directly in your inbox. To set up this feature on your preferred inbox, simply visit the channels section under your inbox settings.


    Bulk Contact Deletion

    Contact Bulk Delete

    Effortlessly delete multiple saved contacts at once with our new bulk deletion feature. Instead of deleting contacts individually, just click the "name" checkbox to delete all contacts on the current page.


    Enhanced Contact Filters

    Easily filter your contacts based on specific criteria, such as custom fields or date ranges. This allows you to quickly access the information you need at any given moment.


    Admin Home

    Our new Admin Home provides a complete overview of your organization's account activity on Simpu, ensuring you stay up to date with everything happening within your team. Additionally, admins can set quick preferences right from the home page, making it even more convenient to manage your organization's settings.


    Admin Home Changelog


    Unsubscribe Button

    To respect your customers' preferences, we have added an unsubscribe button to your email campaigns. This allows customers to easily opt-out of your mailing list if they choose to do so.


    Improvements and Fixes

    • We've enhanced the contacts view page for better usability.
    • To help differentiate between chats, we've added name tags to conversations in the inbox.
    • Our workflow automation has been improved with the introduction of the Rules feature.


  4. More ways to Collaborate

    New Feature

    Bulk actions

    This innovative feature enables you to swiftly choose multiple messages through checkboxes. Seamlessly delegate tasks to support agents or resolve multiple queries simultaneously with just a click! Experience enhanced productivity and streamlined communication like never before.



    Reopen Conversations

    To allow support agents refer back to closed conversation we added the reopen conversations feature which allows closed conversations to be reopened but will remove all assignees on the conversation and move the closed conversation to the unassigned tab.




    Undo Resolve

    This feature will set the state of the conversation back to assigned and move the conversation to the assigned tab. These features are designed to improve our customers' experience. We believe that our customers will find them highly beneficial and help them get more out of our product.




    Improvements and Fixes

    - Improved onboarding for new customers

    - Slight speed improvements on the inbox dashboard page.

    - Bug fix with time calculation on analytics

    - "Internal server error" notifications while responding to a message bug has been fixed

    - WhatsApp message not delivering after first send has been fixed.


  5. 2023 Release: Built for expansion

    Integrations v2


    We are thrilled to unveil our 2023 release, designed to enhance your customer engagement.


    Our objective is to empower businesses to improve their customer interactions and seamlessly integrate Simpu into their operations. We strive to provide businesses with the necessary tools to effectively target and connect with the right customers.


    Today, we're launching a variety of new and upgraded features including improved historical data, notifications, and notification settings, as well as new integrations with Jira, Shopify, Hubspot, and Zoom. Additionally, we're introducing new features like business hours, customer satisfaction ratings, reseller settings, custom fields, and virtual bank accounts.


    Business Hours


    Business Hours v2


    We added a feature called business hours, which enables you to set the specific hours during which the company is open for business.


    This feature now allows you to set your team's availability during the weekdays, with 9 am-5 pm as the default. You can now adjust the availability as needed. Additionally, queries outside of office hours will be automatically handled by our bot, which will notify your customers with an estimated response time and manage their expectations.


    The Bot can be customized to suit any company's business/working hours. You can also set automatic replies for customers when you are out of the office.


    - Business hours are used to calculate your automatic reply time.

    - If a customer contacts you 30 minutes before your office hours start, the bot will notify them that you'll be back in 30 minutes and will display your office hours as 'Back in 30 minutes' regardless of when the customer messages you before your office hours begin.


    When a customer tries to send a message outside of office hours, they’ll see the time your team will be back online.


    If you selected "Weekdays" as your office hours and a customer attempts to message you during the weekend, the bot will automatically let them know you will be back on Monday or display your out-of-office reply and when you will be back to the office.


    Reseller Program


    This feature allows you to use Simpu's marketing platform as your own by customizing it with its own logos, colors, and branding. It is called white-labeling, which means the users can use our platform as if it was their own, without any reference to Simpu. This is useful for businesses that want to have a consistent brand experience for their customers and want to use our platform to reach out to their customers, but at the same time, want to maintain the look and feel of their own brand.


    Customer satisfaction ratings (v1)


    CSAT Ratings


    This enables support agents to gather feedback from your customers after their conversations have been closed. Once a support agent closes a conversation, the bot will automatically send a survey link to the customer, asking for their feedback on the support experience.


    It allows managers to track the performance of their support agents through rating reports. This helps managers to identify top performers and pinpoint opportunities for improvement in the quality of support their team provides.


    The analytics dashboard shows a total view of all ratings each support agent gets.


    Custom Fields


    Custom Fields v2


    We enhanced our contacts CRM feature by adding custom fields. Custom fields allow users to create fields that are specific to their business and customers, making it easier for them to store and update customer information.


    Prior to this update, the only additional field that could be added was "Gender", however, with this enhancement, users will be able to store more information about their customers, such as their interests, purchasing history, and more. This will enable businesses to have a more detailed understanding of their customers and improve their customer engagement.


    Virtual Bank Accounts


    Virtual Bank Account


    You can easily fund campaigns on Simpu by using the virtual bank accounts created for you. Once a user signs up on Simpu, they will automatically have access to a virtual bank account. This means that users can make bank transfers directly into their virtual bank accounts on Simpu, without having to manually reach out to Simpu support. This feature will enable users to run their campaigns more swiftly and efficiently, as they will no longer have to wait for manual approval of funding. This is a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for businesses to fund their campaigns on Simpu, it also provides an easy way for the business to keep track of their transactions.


    Jira integration


    This feature allows you to integrate their Jira account with Simpu, making it easy for you to manage and track issues related to your customer communication. With this integration, you can now create, track, and link issues with Jira directly from the Simpu platform. This means that users can handle customer issues more efficiently, without needing to leave the Simpu platform and switch between different tools. This will help users to streamline their workflow and improve their productivity by allowing them to manage customer communication and resolve issues in one place.


    Zoom inbox integration


    With zoom inbox integration, users can schedule meetings directly from the Simpu Inbox. This makes it easy for users to set up their next call with just one click, simplifying the entire process and making it more convenient for users. This feature streamlines the scheduling process, making it more efficient and organized, by avoiding the need to switch from your chat to schedule a meeting. This is valuable for businesses that rely on scheduling meetings with their customers, and it will help increase productivity.


    Hubspot inbox integration


    This allows our users to seamlessly integrate Hubspot's inbox into Simpu. This means that users can now manage their deals, contacts, and tickets directly from Simpu, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. This is designed to make the process more efficient and provide more opportunities for success. With this integration, our users can quickly create, update or delete deals and contacts, and manage their tickets with ease, all from within Simpu.


    Shopify inbox integration


    You can seamlessly manage your e-commerce orders through Simpu. By connecting your Shopify account to Simpu, you can create new orders, cancel existing orders, and delete orders as needed. Additionally, you can make changes to your customers' orders directly from your Simpu account. This gives you a more efficient way to manage your online store and save time.




    - It is now possible to Import previous chats prior to connecting an account on Simpu - can be as far as 3 to 6 months prior to the connection.

    - You can now send out notifications anytime via email marketing, inbox, or live chat.

    - It is now possible to choose notification tones from the newly added tones.

    - Fixed a bug where a blank notification toast pops out when a user carries out actions

    - Fixed a bug where empty popup toast occurs when a note is added to a conversation

    - Fixed a problem where a validation error occurs when trying to save a canned response

    - Fixed a problem where CSAT toggle switch is not working

    - Fixed a bug where Simpu throws an internal server error when a user tries to resolve an Instagram (CSAT connected account) conversation

    - Fixed a bug where CSAT Rating link sent out in email conversations causes the conversation to return to the Unassigned state.


  6. Simpu Updates



    We revamped the Settings page and added a few new features to help your teams and organization members work faster and more efficiently.


    - Overview page

    The new Overview page provides you with quick access to actions relating to managing your organization, teams, and campaign helpers.



    - Organization settings

    Admins can now add an organization logo as well as update the organization name. We also added a delete organization button, we know you would have to use this 🙃.

    General Page (1)


    - Profile settings

    We've given our profile page a makeover to make it more intuitive and streamlined, so you can quickly update your profile information and get the information you need.



    - Company profile

    Unlock the potential of your email campaigns and make them uniquely yours with our tailored company profile feature. Showcase your business in a new way and watch as relationships with customers deepen. The data setup in your company profile will appear at the footer of your emails, making them look more professional and credible. This is a great way to build trust with your subscribers and stand out from the competition.

    Company Profile


    - Sender profiles

    Sick of spending precious time entering your personal information when you send emails? Well, we've got some good news! Eliminate the tediousness and try out an easier way to reach out today. With sender profiles, you can store your email information once and use it multiple times with just the click of a button. No more tedious typing - sending emails is now hassle-free!

    Add Sender Profile
    Add Sender Profile 2



    We just made awesome new improvements to the create SMS and email campaign flows, so you can save time creating campaigns plus get finer-grained filtering for your perfect setup.


    - Simplified SMS and Email Campaigns

    We've given a major upgrade to our campaign creation process: it's now faster, simpler, and more efficient! So get ready for some serious SMS & Email delivery action.

    SMS Campaign
    Email from scratch


    - Start from scratch

    Unleash your creative side with our new "start from scratch" feature! You can now design email campaigns that reflect all of the unique ideas and content you've been dreaming up.



    - Smart SMS Templates

    Get your campaign game on point with our smart SMS templates! Let us power up your messaging and help you create campaigns that stand out.



    - Improved Campaign filters

    We've levelled up the campaigns dashboard! Now you can filter with ease, tracking and staying on top of your game in no time. That's how to stay ahead - simple yet powerful.

    SMS Filter



    Reports give you an effortless solution to measure and monitor your marketing strategies - giving you a complete overview of how well they're working! Keep tabs on the progress of all your campaigns in one simple place.



    With our powerful reporting tool, you can easily generate a CSV report for your campaigns over any period of time. This valuable data will help you optimize your marketing efforts and get the most out of your budget. With Reports, you'll always know exactly how your campaigns are performing and where you need to improve.

    Generate reports


    So why wait? Sign in today and experience these new features and updates for yourself!